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So how to improve potency

In the treatment of sexual impotence, herbs can give effective help. Almost all some people throughout their life once think: how to increase potency? And under the very phrase «potency» understand the potential of a man to realize sex. And due to the fact that the main prerequisite for achieving goals is a normal erection, sometimes some people identify both concepts. Increase the potency of herbs, there are numerous chinese secrets to enhance male potency.

100% tincture with green tea will increase potency

30 g of green leaf tea and 150-200 g of lump sugar (refined sugar) to pump into the financial institution 1 liter of alcohol or vodka and select in the newspaper in a cold room. Filter it later. Drink a small glass (30 ml) in the morning after breakfast and shortly before bedtime.

Levzea — the best drug that increases potency

Take 100 g of leuzei roots and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Persist for a while at room temperature, filter. Drink with weight from $ 20 cap. Up to one tsp. Three times a day in the shortest possible time. Before meals (in the evening-not a few hours before going to bed). Treatment — one and a half months. In summer, drug therapy with levzea is not recommended.

Peony for restoring men’s health

Take 1 tbsp. L. Roots of peony evading (maryin root) pour 0.5 liters of vodka, persistently continue 21 days at room temperature, filter. Drink 1 tsp three times by date for 30 minutes. Before meals.

Surepka will increase potency and raise spermatogenesis

• 1 tbsp. Grass surepki (need the entire aboveground half-flowers, leaves, peduncle) pour 1 tbsp. Boiling water. Persist for three hours under the lid, filter. Drink 50 ml four times immediately after before meals for three-quarters of a week. This infusion not only increases potency, but also improves spermatogenesis-increases the production and survival of sperm. • Half a tbsp of arid grass bittercress (with leaves and seeds) pour 1 tbsp. Boiling water, infuse for 4 hours, filter. Drink a couple of tsp. Four or five every day.

Essential mixtures will help to strengthen sexual arousal

Increase the mutual aspiration of essential mixtures-pink, sandalwood, geranium, ginger and others. Mix a couple of drops of ginger essential oil with the first teaspoon of honey and swallow. In the absence of sunflower oil, is it possible to mix the extract from the ginger root and honey in equal parts by volume and use the mix of 0.5 tsp several times before meals, with water.

Onion husk for «masculine potency»

This technique has a beneficial effect on male well-being, the work of the myocardium, kidneys, removes toxins from the blood, reduces stress. Take one or 2 handfuls of onion husks, rinse with cool water and put in an enamel pot with boiling water (700 ml of water). Boil for five minutes on your own fire, let it stand for 1 hour, strain. Drink the decoction 3 times by date, 5 ml 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal. The infusion can tolerate the flowering of hot coffee. The training course is a month, while the gap is ten days, and the therapy is repeated.

Folk methods of treatment will return potency

Constantly devour in the morning on an empty stomach on a single yolk. A similar act is performed by the constant use of egg and onion salad. Also prepare an onion tincture: 2 cups of chopped onion pour 0.5 liters of vodka, give.Infuse for a week in a backward island and strain. Take a teaspoon to twenty percent of a glass of water several times immediately after before meals. Very quickly you will see the flow of time, feel yourself a true man.

Impotence tincture

Tincture of pine nuts will give strength, cure impotence, and this is a proven preventive drug for atherosclerosis. Pound 200 g of pine nuts in a mortar, transfer to a 0.5-liter dark glass bottle, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and fill with medical alcohol, seal and refrigerate once a month. Then strain after 3 layers of gauze. Take the resulting solution, spreading the structure, in one article. Water, 1 tsp. 3 times the day before after 20-30 minutes after each meal.

Drug for intimate activity of men

Intimate preferences of men are promoted by zinc. It will strengthen human sperm production. It consists of beef, turkey, seafood, seeds. Spinach is also necessary for men. Spinach is a well-known «muscle builder», rich in omega-three folate acids (folates improve blood flow to the penis). You need to eat 1 cup of spinach right after. A good substitute for spinach is white cabbage.In the stronger sex, kidney stones are formed twice as often as in girls. In order to prevent such a disease, you need to contain vitamin b6 in your diet. It will play a key role in preventing bladder cancer. The content of vitamin b6 is reflected in bananas, chicken meat, liver, potatoes, seeds.Male sex hormone is produced with the support of animal fats, so the release or lack of meat in a man’s diet has a negative effect on erection every guy agrees to increased sexuality and potency. In this case, an ordinary onion can help. To raise male strength, you always need to eat 1 onion at breakfast. The use of onions will help to get rid of as well as prostate adenoma due to the ability of onions to enhance the metabolic processes in it.

Vegetable stirring to improve potency

Boiled turnips will help men increase their potency. Grate it on a grater, mix it with mashed carrots (1:1). To the mixture that men need to use 1/3 cup 3 times immediately after, you need to increase 1 teaspoon of honey. Reviews of patients taking this mix are only excellent. Try and make sure by your own example.

To enhance male strength, strawberry fans have an elementary recipe.

Mix equal amounts of ginger root, licorice root and cinnamon. 2 h p. Pour 1 tbsp of the mixture. Bring to a boil over low heat, cover and let stand, cool and go to 0.5 tbsp. Several times a day.

Talaban, or yarutka field — a wonderful place for gentlemen

Grass that stimulates and activates the erectile function of men-talaban, or yarutka field. To prepare the infusion, use a thermos. Take 1-one and a half tablespoons of chopped herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, insist for four hours in a closed container, strain and squeeze. Take 1 teaspoon 4-several times a day. And to prepare the powder, carefully grind the leaves, crop, and seeds in a mortar. Take 0.3 g of ashes 4 times daily. The powder therapy training course is one 30 days in the fourth part. Accordingly, 4 times in 12 months. 30 g of talaban is sufficient for a 30-day training course of therapy. Collect the grass at the flowering stage in april-june, it is characterized by a sluggish smell of garlic. The bean with seeds is circular and smooth. Two dark seeds are visible inside it. For the powder, pluck small leaves and pods with seeds from the dry stem. The bean is translucent in summer.

Cereals will increase potency

A drug for improving potency. Boil wheat bran with peas (1:1) until thickened. Take it daily for 30 days.

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