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Approaches to a good erection

Ten rules for a high erection, or to positively restore male strength and health

1. Eat blackberry jam!

Wild berries like raspberries and blackberries contain a decent class of anthocyanins, super-powerful antioxidants that can serve as” insurance » for an erection.

Eat blackberry jam!,

A little science: the ability of the penis to rise and try to buy the necessary stiffness, depending on the chance of unhindered delivery of nitric oxide through the blood vessels to the right places. In the case when there are a lot of free radicals in the blood, the content of nitric oxide decreases, so your potency decreases at the same time.

But the situation will change, unless you throw anthocyanins in the blood. They are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, and the radicals do not exactly have time to reduce the hail of nitric oxide.

There is also evidence of the effectiveness of anthocyanins: research at the indiana institute (united states) showed that high nitric oxide remained in the arteries even after the addition of free radicals. On this occasion doctor bell said: «antioxidants help keep free radicals in check, and nitric oxide can easily do its function” and this «versatility» allows your penis to do its «function». In this connection, for a strong and regular erection, eat blackberry jam!

2. Stop to smoke!,

If you’re still smoking, you’re probably resigned to the risk of heart attack, lung cancer, and bladder cancer. And how to be with die not just young, but already impotent?

The analysis, published in the journal urology, tells us that smoking causes damage to the arteries, which automatically doubles the threat of sexual disorders. Devour the working message: in a situation where you quit smoking before the age of fifty, then our material damage can be replenished. For example, the amino acids found in fish products help heal arteries damaged by smoking.

3. Peace, just peace!

This proves why stress is an intelligent frosty shower stall. Strong blood pressure is insidious: the adrenaline that enters the blood under stressful circumstances gradually damages the arteries so that the models will be harder on top than it is acceptable. For an erection, such a device is extremely harmful.

This is the mockery of the situation: by” strengthening » the arteries, adrenaline makes the penis soft. Resolution: focus on any of the five senses for a few minutes every day – the feeling of a pen in the client’s hand, the sounds of transport around the house, the taste of juice, the shape of a walking beauty, the aroma of a piece of bread. Focusing on the current sensations reduces the excitement, and thus improves your potency.

4. Stop the sawmill!

X rap can cancel an evening of fucking, not necessarily for the reason that it is difficult to engage in foreplay without waking up. The point is that your human body tissues require a normal supply of oxygen and the penis tissue is particularly sensitive in this regard. And if you snore, you deprive yourself of the necessary oxygen.

However, do not rush to spend money on earplugs: instead, try placing a couple of bricks under the legs of the sleeping places in the headboard! If you change the angle of the penis without bending the neck, then by changing the gravity vector, you will be able to get rid of snoring at an affordable price and in the first category. This is due to the fact that the effect on the connective tissues of the throat is changing.

5. Eat bitter chocolate!

Tem candy contains epicatechins, flavonoids that cause the release of chemical aerosols in all, or endothelial, layers of the arteries, which contributes to their expansion.

How do i eat chocolate to achieve my goal? The study demonstrates that everyone who eats 30 grams of bitter chocolate every day, capillaries expanded by more than 10 percent, which in itself is important for an optimal erection!,

Let the study not be focused on the cavernous bodies of the penis, but it is well known that why it benefits the endothelial system of the male penis can positively affect even its potency and erection, due to the fact that the penis is reduced to mainly endothelial surfaces. Preservation of these surfaces defines a healthy fundamental importance to the home the arterial blood flow. Organic torturous chocolate is rich in flavonoids!

6. Less estrogen!,

Calculate your bmi (weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters, for example 80/1, 8*1,8 = 22). If your bmi is close to or more than 25, it means why the mass probably adversely affects your erection! Medicine is well known why a representative of the strong half with an overweight male sex hormone is converted into estrogen, and the lower the level of quality of the male hormone and more estrogen, the worse it is for male affluence.

Fortunately, even a moderate loss of weight can solve your excess estrogen and turn your lustful being in the right direction. The study proves that one-third of obese guys, with a bmi of 30 or over, with signs of overt ed, showed an increase after losing 10 of their body weight.

7. Try acupuncture!

If you think that the problem with erectile dysfunction is psychological (you think a lot, you don’t want to tune in, etc.), Try acupuncture (relax, prick yourself in the back over time). The results of foreign studies prove that acupuncture can help in the treatment of mind-induced erectile disorders.

In psychogenic ed, the patient has difficulty balancing his sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Traditional chinese medicine tries to restore this balance. Of course, this will be the use of feng shui for personal storage space with socks, but it turns out for 64 men who have undergone 6 weeks of acupuncture and resuscitated erectile function, while this will no longer require further treatment!

8. Kegel exercises will help!

Unfortunately, it turned out that special kegel exercises used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles also have a positive effect on the restoration of an erection! Judge for yourself: 40 percent of the total impotent subjects who used kegel exercises regained a better, stronger erection. To achieve this result, these exercises were performed on kegel variants in six months, while the success pays twice for this extended period, if compared with medication.

In short, the material of kegel exercises is to reduce and relax the muscles of the pelvis, and you always use them to stop urinating. By contracting and relaxing these muscles at all times, whether you are still standing or lying down. You should create approximately 18 contractions every day, with only one contraction keeping the muscles in tension for at least 10 seconds.

9. Welcome to the first aid kit!

We recommend that in the read sketch to tablets and other drugs. Some over-the-counter as prescribed substances capable to serve the cause of the weakening of erection. Often, many cholesterol-lowering medications can be responsible for such consequences. Consult your doctor in order to replace your medications with neighboring ones, without tedious complications.

10. Still don’t get the opportunity to reject the call of gravity?

And then you should probably dream about taking such drugs as sildenafil, cialis, vardenafil to stimulate blood circulation in the penis. For some members of the stronger sex, other medications are necessary support for an erection in ambiguous times. Using it in some situations, these people stop accepting them after life situations are normalized.

A good example in this regard is cialis, since it stores a certain amount of exposure for about a day and a half. This time of action relieves psychological fatigue, allowing you to turn into a higher spontaneous in intimate work: in case you do not need to think about the rule, so that the available power of your pills will end one of these days.

Writer: annelie most of the sexologist

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