Как женщина может помочь мужчине при импотенции

Top 6 drugs for enhancing potency

We offer you the top 6 medicinal compounds that have a stimulating effect on an erection, for example, on a man’s talent to perform sexual intercourse. It should be explicitly mentioned that not every time problems with an erection are eliminated with the assistance of taking any medication. There are several reasons for reducing potency (from banal fatigue to a tumor process in a small pelvis), for this reason, when a representative of the stronger sex meets this kind of difficulties very often, then contact a doctor and go to the examination, and only at that time choose drug therapy – even through a doctor.

Viagra (sildenafil)

The emergence of viagra in a short period of time was a sensation, as such a move was the first medication to enjoy the ability to provide high-quality sex without affecting either libido or the search for arousal. Primitively speaking, viagra does only the point that is required for conducting sexual communication and watching porn is wonderful. The result is obtained due to the active flow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis, and this provokes a high-quality erection, and it occurs only when you receive natural inspiration, and it is based just as long as it goes. After sexual contact, the dietonus effect ends, the penis has come to a calm position. It is enough to drink one capsule at a time before intimate pleasure, the action remains for 4 hours.

It is characteristic that the bioactive agent was organized to eliminate the friendly varicose veins, and the occurrence of an erection was first considered as an indirect action. For all its advantages, viagra also offers nuances: these are kidney infections and high blood pressure. Moreover, it is undesirable to take it after taking antihypertensive (reducing arterial pressure) drugs.

Cialis (tadalafil)

The composition is an analog of viagra with another active substance in the package and also gives a relief erection with the help of natural arousal.

Features of the drug are the speed of achieving the effect-no more than a quarter of a second after taking the pill, plus the duration of exposure (it remains for a day and a half, and sometimes even higher).

Sometimes, why cialis begins to act exclusively after one and a half to 2 hours after receiving. Such a delayed effect is provided by the tool on the sailing part of the inhabitants and this restriction is associated with particular features of the body. When each time you use cialis, it turns out that you have not misheard it, in the end, this drug must be used taking into account the named nuance.

Levitra (vardenafil)

Another drug similar to viagra action. The effect of taking the pill is observed after a quarter of an instant and also persists for four and a half hours. As in previous studies, an important condition for achieving an erection is sexual desire.

Unlike the above-mentioned drugs, whose influence was found in vain in terms of complications, levitra was immediately developed to eliminate the sexual problem, so undesirable effects were reduced. As a result, the drug has no negative effect on the kidneys, or on the excretory organs, or on the heart. Those students where viagra for some reason did not have the desired effect, were able to solve difficulties with an erection using levitra.

Feature of the staff slim that which can be tried, using a drunk (in moderate amounts and food with a high fat content, but you need to keep in mind that in the latter case, the effect may begin a little later. This is a key aspect for most people, because often the initial stage of a date is a romantic date.

Zidena (udenafil)

A drug with the same principle of action. After taking the pill, the result is observed after half an hour and remains for a day (around the clock). In order for an erection to occur, it is necessary to achieve sexual arousal. This drug, like levitra, has a minimal number of possible side effects and contraindications, and it is also available to take during the feast.

Priligy (dapoxetine)

The effect of this medication is more optimal than the previous ones. It belongs to the inhibitors-prolongators of intimate communication and is recommended for those visitors who suffer from its low duration. The period during which ejaculation is achieved, when wearing a priliji, increases three to four times, and a representative of the stronger sex can direct the technological process of its approach. The drug is taken one to 3 hours before intimate communication, the effect remains 4-6 hours. You do not have to think that the larger the pills can be taken, the longer the sexual experience will last: an overdose is not just useless in this regard, but also leads to a huge number of side effects (headache, insomnia, nausea and diarrhea). In the recommended dose, the drug is well tolerated.

When diagnosing problems, as well as achieving an erection, as well as with early ejaculation, it is correct to combine receiving priliji with viagra.


Yohimbine is an aphrodisiac, an alkaloid selected from the bark of the yohimbe tree, which grows anywhere. It also consists of a number of other exotic plants. There are legends about the energy of african men («african passion» — we are talking about violent intimate issues). Speleologists assure us why half of this is due to the use of yohimbe tree extract-a popular remedy among africans.

Yohimbine acts in contrast to previous drugs. It has an effect on libido, in other words, increases libido and excitement. Yohimbine is ideal for all gentlemen, where difficulties with potency are caused by increased fatigue and stress, but it is also suitable for restoring normal work and disorders of other origin.

The product is well tolerated, because it is characterized by natural occurrence. Its side effects are raising the overall health tone and stimulating fat metabolism, and there is no guarantee that it will turn out to be undesirable. But sometimes yohimbine can lead to a slight increase in blood pressure, so users with hypertension should drink it with caution. The drug is contraindicated in the presence of diseases of the body and kidneys, it is prohibited at an elderly age.

Yohimbine hydrochloride is produced in mixtures of 5 mg. Take them, different from the previous drugs, not on the day of sexual intercourse, but in a course: once, two tablets 1-3 times immediately after a few weeks (the exact dosage is determined by the doctor separately). The effect is usually observed a couple of weeks after the start of the reception.

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Еделяется чрезмерным введением в организм алкогольных напитков и сигарет. В процессе алкогольного опьянения шланг теряет свою функцию, а затем может и вовсе перестать ее выполнять.

  • Прошлые заболевания, а также детские, одним из которых является свинка, будут категорически влиять на потенциал члена для совершения сексуальных действий.
  • Способы повышения потенции

    Существует множество методов восстановления мужской силы и здоровья, в том числе медикаментозное лечение медикаментами и бабушкины методы.

    Также современные нетрадиционные методы оздоровления предлагают возвращение потенции через специальные физические упражнения, а кроме того-через чрезмерный секс, дабы способствовать воздействию на наше стабильное функционирование. Они сводятся к мысленному представлению о полном напряжении полового органа , расслаблении, приятных воспоминаниях и частных усилиях по приведению пениса в состояние интереса..

    Извлечение потенции с помощью аптечных препаратов, предположительно потому, что пациентам назначают тестостерон-гормон, служащий для восстановления функций полового члена, методом его возбуждения. Также людям с этой проблемой назначают биологически активные добавки, которые необходимы для того, чтобы восстановить их сексуальные функции. Такие биологически активные добавки можно заказать в ближайшей аптеке, но они оказывают свое собственное воздействие на любого пользователя, потому что вы также можете даже не ждать результата.

    Народная медицина советует много других рецептов:

    1. Существует древний отечественный метод, который гласит, что употребление одной порции грецких орехов ежедневно в течение одного месяца, запивая козьим молоком, полностью восстановит потенцию.
    2. Грецкий орех лещина сразу с продуктами пчеловодства, помимо всего прочего, способен благотворно влиять на работу органа.
    3. Такая трава, как элеутерококк, применяемая в здравоохранении при общей слабости, пониженном кровяном давлении и потере сил, оказывает прекрасное воздействие на эрекцию.
    4. Сочетание ромашковых и лавровых ванн расслабляет организм, успокаивает любые ряды фигур, а также половой член, снимая электрическое напряжение которого можно продуктивно вернуть потенцию.

    Поэтому восстановление потенции всецело зависит от того или иного мужчины, в силу того, что всегда зная тяжесть срыва и тем самым одобряя необходимые меры, вы будете постоянно отвлекаться от трудностей с активностью члена.

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