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Who chose the bear totem

Our totem bear

(For the sk «toys with» and the school of russian knife fighting in the city)

Totemism — as only approximately effective and now still existing religious and social installation, custom, which is based on an extraordinary veneration of the so-called totem. The vocabulary of sey, originally used by long as a result of the xviii century. Borrowed from the north american ojibwa indian tribe (in which any of the 23 genera named themselves under the name of animals), in whose language totem means the name and symbol, the coat of arms of the clan, or on the contrary, the designation of an animal to which the tribe devotes additional veneration, manifested in dances and compositions. In the scientific sense, a totem refers to a category (clearly a category, but not a citizen) of objects or phenomena of nature, to which that as well as industrial primitive social crew, species, phratry, clan, sometimes like any separate gender within a group (australia), and sometimes a person (seeding. America) — perform a traditional service, with whom they consider themselves related and in whose name they are called. There is no such object that is not capable of being a totem, however, the most common (apparently ancient) totems were animals.

Bear – the animal «rytkuchi» — seeking the booty, (dmg. In the postpositive position as the periodic epithet of the beast).

From the point of view of experts who study animal totems-the power of the bear — in the ability to go into their own strength, creating an extraordinary world, excellent from the outside, perfect in the truth of being physical and personal plan. He is engaged in introspection.

Honey-for (honey knowing) is a person who knows honey, i.E. Knows-the sweet taste of truth (truth), so that it lurks in the empty space of the hollow tree of understanding (life). Boxer-bear-knows the art of war for all levels-yavi, pravi, navi. He is responsible for protecting the family. It goes (searches) for the unknown and perfect in immersion in its own world, firmly and firmly connected to other universes by the energy of the power of knowledge.

In winter, after the character is hidden under the white mask of death, after the female part of the world is more pronounced than the male, the bear receives the shelter of a cave that serves as the womb of mother earth, in which the building material is meant by standing (trance), similar to rest and very deeply shifts in its strength, in order to digest (comprehend) the acquired personal experiment for an energetic summer. To earn something in everyday life, handicraft self-deepening is necessary.

The vigilance of the prowling beast in the warrior leads him to pursue. Hunting techniques (tactical actions are realized and are close to any (combat) actions).

Almost no one thinks about the truth better than the «bear» itself, why it can be appropriate and timely for the improvement of the individual, a creative person.

Mishka in the opposite position, trains people who achieve true goals is possible only through their own conclusions and conclusions based on knowledge. In order to achieve success and prosperity, the student is forced to understand himself. A self-conscious person usually understands himself, his feedback, and courage. It’s just that your capabilities help you overcome weaknesses and weaknesses. Bear-symbolizes the resurrection (the appearance in the spring of your own winter den with a bear cub), a new biography, therefore, initiation and rituals that are associated with the transition. In heroic myths, the bear is a sun sign. In flood myths, it becomes lunar, associated with the moon goddesses diana and artemis. It is the emblem of the kingdom of persia and the russian federation. Alchemical significance: nigredo from the first matter. In the tradition of american indians, it means supernatural strength, tempering, jail, hurricane.

The celts refer to the lunar forces; attributes of the goddess bern.

In chinese, it represents endurance and determination.

The japanese bear symbolized benevolence, courage and wild imagination.

The ainu bear is a cultural hero and divine messenger.

Among the teutons, it is dedicated to the torah. The atla bear represents a feminine character, and the atli bear represents a masculine one. For the shaman, the bear is an ambassador of the forest spirits. Materials science

In order to learn self-absorption from the bear and enter the protective womb of consciousness (the «matrix of knowledge»), the worker needs to adjust his products to the ancestral mother energy, which provides the ability to live to everything, and acquire life-giving nutrition from the placenta of empty space.

An empty room is a place in interstellar space where all solutions are arranged in accordance with problems on the right topics of our reality. The so-called reservoir (vessel) of knowledge. If people expect why there is no question without a proper answer, you should identify, why to eat, when requested, to offer advice on the radio. You will be able to calm down (thinking to find calm) and get into the silence of knowledge.

Some ancient peoples knew about the arrival of the reservoir (vessel) of knowledge — an empty space of inner knowledge, where the death of illusory physical reality would pass into the vastness of the eternity of the spirit. Exactly here is the rule of the elders of previous generations, who live in the proposed genes that guide us in alternative ways to achieve our goals. And then the power of the bear totem.

The sensuous female source of energy that for centuries has enabled shamans, clairvoyants, and prophets to predict and anticipate is supposed to be the bear power. Vedic knowledge, which came from indian culture as well as the philosophy of brahmanism, many believe that the dungeon or lair (housing of the bear) is a conditional sign of the cave of brahma. The brahma dungeon listed is in the official pineal gland medicine, which is located in the clinic of our gray matter. When we imagine the type of head above, we will see a ring. Brow-will mean south, and the back of the head-north. The west will be the right hemisphere, and the east will be the left hemisphere.

The bear totem is located in western europe-the intuitive part-of the right hemisphere. While hibernating, the bear’s conscience travels to a cave that is right in the heart of the brain between several hemispheres and in the center of their quarters, where the pineal gland is hidden.

Everyone who is looking for truth to their fate, and foresight, go down this road of silence of self-absorption, calming their inner chatter, and reach the life-giving informative passage-pineal gland. Here in this bear den-a cave, an empty space, a reservoir (vessel) of information and a hollow tree of knowledge-we set the road through reality, to your goals.

Feature of the «bear» totem»

According to the zoroastrian horoscope, mishka is the personification of russia. We have a severe, chivalrous and once unpredictable family with the polar bear totem. These are fearless customers with a vast soul, generous and selflessly loving being. These are happy to provide one more, but they know how to act and receive. Cheaters always have to have giant schemes and tapes that they have learned to implement, but at the same time they are able to turn over their own plans, disown body hair, and want to fulfill them. Such personalities are slow to «unwind», but they are fast and unpredictable in their own abilities («the russian dude has been harnessing for a long time, but he drives quickly»).

The anti-totem of the bear is reflected in impudence, impudence and at the same time pettiness and boredom, and the entire set of this client will try to disguise «under the good uncle». He is forever lying to the soul and in any case does not breathe in the eyes of his visitor.

In battle, the bear was wise, weighty, convincing, breaking many people — on their own way.

Екционно, таблетки помогают восстановить эрекцию и продлить половой акт.

  • Растительные добавки на основе природных элементов-это искусственно разработанные препараты для мужского организма, не имеющие осложнений.
  • Самые эффективные программы для восстановления мужского здоровья 4

    • Продукты с высоким содержанием клетчатки и клетчатки, в том числе листва, любые семена, фрукты и овощные ботвы, помогают поддерживать гормональную связь и детоксифицировать организм, что определяет сексуальный потенциал мужчины. Имеет смысл сделать упор на льняное семя, и это улучшает половую функцию.
    • Чокнутый. Несмотря на такую калорийность, они благотворно влияют на самочувствие мужчин. Людям с интимными дисфункциями рекомендуется есть орехи различных пород и принимать по нескольку штук каждое утро натощак.

    Бразильские орехи — это орехи с высоким процентом селена, который играет определенную роль в уровне тестостерона.

    • Кресс-салат и кунжут-оба продукта улучшают либидо, потому что их нужно пить ежедневно.
    • Морепродукты. Известно, что моллюски и устрицы не только повышают потенцию, но и используются в качестве природных афродизиаков. Например, они повышают либидо как у молодых мужчин, так и у женщин.
    • Приправа. Имбирь, корица и кардамон.

    Продукты, снижающие либидо 5

    • Рафинированные растительные масла и трансжиры-усиливают воспалительные заболевания и способны усугубить первопричины импотенции.
    • Обработанные пищевые продукты – химические вещества в этих продуктах отрицательно влияют на эректильную функцию.
    • Кофеин-чрезмерное употребление кофеина значительно снижает сексуальную инициативу.
    • Алкогольные напитки-повышенное количество алкоголя в организме замедляет кровообращение, а также делает сильный пол слабым во многих отношениях.

    Читайте о многих признаках импотенции в публичной статье.

    Что для улучшения потенции не имеет побочных эффектов

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