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What are the best medications for alcohol addiction?

A reasonably well-equipped working alcohol-free potion will help to detach the worshipper from harmful addiction. Nowadays, a variety of medications, alternative medicine options, and unusual therapies have been created. Which gambling establishments would you prefer? There are drops and powders, infusions and rinses,» sewing » blockers and hypnosis techniques. They will advise you how to choose a quality drug for alcoholism comments and access explanations of the effects of the drug on people.

  • Remedies for alcohol dependence
  • Folk methods for alcohol addiction

Medications to relieve alcohol dependence

Any medication is used only after prior consultation with a doctor. When a representative of humanity is unable or unwilling to heal himself, the narcologist will select medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence that are indicated for admission without the patient’s knowledge. Medicines are divided into two groups:

  1. The compounds where disulfiram and cyanamide live are the main part that break down ethanol and cause strong intoxication, which explains the hatred of alcohol.
  2. System-type formulations that are available to alcoholicslittle by little wean you off your addiction to booze. Such medications or suspensions, drops, have a restorative effect, normalize the central nervous system, the functioning of the intestines, liver.

From intoxication of the body help formulations and pills: alco-seltzer, aspirin, glycine, limontar. Medications help reduce the suffering of hangover syndrome, and this makes it possible to cross out the dream of «drinking for health promotion». But alcoholism does not stop at all, you will need more winning and effective drugs for alcohol dependence.

Important! Human encryption is an additional drug for alcohol. This type of composition includes drugs with the presence of disulfiram and teturam. The preface is carried out by injection, drip or sewn under the epidermis. Then, during a certain interval of a minute, substances accumulate in the human body that block the action of enzymes and cause a persistent hatred of alcoholic beverages.

Medications that have proven their effectiveness:

  1. Colme-drip means, it has no taste, smell, because tipsy modern man is not able to calculate the presence of drugs for supplements. Contributes to binge drinking, strong it during the treatment of chronic alcohol. Causes vomiting, nausea, dizziness when the individual takes a dose of alcohol.
  2. Torpedo-a common tool that uses a physiological effect. It is placed in the vein as a solution, then the patient is invited to drink a small dose of alcohol, then there is an acute reaction of poisoning. The meaning of the technology is in the subsequent psychological «processing» of the patient by the narcologist: the doctor actually puts thoughts on the patient’s mind about everything that will happen when to continue drinking. The effectiveness of the drug torpedo is approved in 75% of cases.
  3. Esperal is a drug based on disulfiram. Provides an effective poisoning effect when a seriously ill person takes a dose of alcohol. Symptoms that occur: accelerated heart palpitations, panic attacks, severe migraines, indomitable vomiting, vomiting-all this creates a persistent disgust for drinks containing ethanol.
  4. Coprinol is a very effective drug, the effect of which is based on two components: a dung mushroom and succinic acid. It will help not only to move the applicant from a deep binge, but also to stop the desire for alcohol, we note that with the most severe hangovers.
  5. Teturam is the most effective drug for the treatment of alcohol dependence. It is issued then, after other means or methods interfere. Due to the use of a tablet (sugar or personal slim), alcohol is oxidized in the tissues – intoxication with the presence of all side effects is guaranteed.
  6. An alkobarrier, an obstacle is a metabotropic drug that accelerates the metabolism and processing of ethanol. Due to its immediate effect, the current rational medication is perhaps one of the most effective as a treatment for alcohol dependence. At the same time, we should not forget that this is a biological increase, so it is quite important to have psychological technical support, continuous testing and the final course of treatment.

  1. Naltrexone is the newest tool that is used at home. Well, he showed himself as a composition to simplify the hangover, and also as a component for complex therapy of the disease.
  2. Alcofinal is a very new medicine that is recommended in order to remove permanent alcohol dependence at any stage of the disease. The effectiveness of this tool probably does not give official confirmation.
  3. Proproten-100 is an analog of a foreign medicine that certifies effectiveness in relieving hangover symptoms, removing a drunkard from a binge, but the final effect of failure is achievable only after the absence of a»breakdown». Substance » can not be considered a medicine, it is a biological food that can be eaten in a course, and whether it is possible to give in without the patient’s knowledge.

Important! Proproten-100 is more effective as an auxiliary product of complex treatment, which would be the most useful, as well as capsules for alcohol dependence.

Some experts prefer formulations that facilitate the flow of withdrawal symptoms. For example, medichronal or clonidine-a tool that helps to lose weight. By reducing the craving for a hangover, the compounds eliminate the residue of ethanol decay from the human body, restore normal functions to the organs, maintain the effectiveness of the brain and help calm the central nervous system. In this connection, the person who drinks has not been trying to return to the previous position for a long time, but randomly gets rid of the dose.

But it is bad to use the most effective drugs for alcoholism, it is required not to provide an opportunity to join this state of affairs of euphoria. Some alcoholics are not ready to give up alcohol becausewith its support, they calm down, fall asleep, and respond less desperately to depression and other psychological problems. Drugs like cipramil are designed to help restore all functions: normalize the dream, get moral rest, correct care, depression, and more.

Home remedies according to traditional medicine recipes for alcohol addiction

As for home remedies, the selection here is also very rich. Very good help:

  • Infusions without the use of alcohol;
  • Decoctions of herbs of a soothing nature (can be found in pharmacies);
  • Decoctions and powders for causing an aversion to alcohol.

Which drugs to choose-it’s just up to the patient or his family to decide. At the same time, you should know that in the case when tablets are certified, folk alternative medicines are not necessarily reliable. In circumstances of difficult circumstances, in which the individual alone seeks to find out how to throw away alcohol, home remedies will provide the necessary measure. A great opportunity to drop the drink-prepare mushroom extract or thyme broth and provide the patient with the compositions.

  1. Look for dung fungus. It grows as a fungus andmost often comes across in the early summer months. Champignon can be light, without dark spots. The dung is dried, ground to dust, and given half an hour’s worth of food to the patient. Your dosage is above 5 grams, days to assume because: first, they don’t give, second give, again first – not scattered, second – give, along with the «second» days should be exactly 10. Therefore, the treatment is only 20 days. This is really such a technique to discard the drink, because the patient is madly suffering from poisoning: cyanosis of the face, edema, tachycardia, convulsions, nausea – not an exhaustive list of symptoms.

  1. A decoction of thyme is also simple, but it will not be any lower. Dried herbs (appears in the pharmacy) are purchased no more than five gr. Each fall asleep with a glass of water, boil in a water bath for a short time, drain. Top up the broth with boiled water to half a liter of tonnage and offer 1 tablespoon three times a day. The course of lectures is approximately 20 days, but the former drunk is cured necessarily.

Important! Proven folk recipes – the best method to heal from alcohol addiction. But you need to know why an overdose is unacceptable! You can not directly pour all the garbage or pour the broth – the results of their visit can be fatal.

Regardless of the position, which medication is chosen as a treatment, there are contraindications for all of them. Especially, it is: diabetes, heart and liver problems. The undisputed way is to take the medicine in the care of a doctor. Especially considering the psychological support, the patient people need it.

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