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So build up your own growth: gymnastics for viewers of all ages

Many of us have a complex about low growth. Most often, the reason for the lack of cm is inheritance, lack of training and sedentary work. With a reasoned apparent fatality, this problem can be solved with your own hands without any financial investment, but with a little effort. In this regard, in the modern world, we are talking about how to increase your own weight in spite of physiology.

Ways to increase growth

The quality of human growth is determined by many factors. When from the very beginning of its existence, doctors did not diagnose our pathology, then its basic law is the natural phenomenon of the body, in other words, the best conditions required for the normal functioning of all in the surrounding conditions. People are concerned about how much it is possible to increase the increase in a comprehensive way, adhering to the regime every day? The answer is possible. The main ways to activate development include:

  • Significant training sessions;
  • Correct weight loss scheme;
  • Absolute release from killer addictions.

What kind of medications will help

Absolutely every vitamin is responsible for a humane boost. When the human body begins to receive vitamins in a complex way, it will correctly progress and problems with the size of the body can not arise. In order to raise the level of a person, you need to eat steroids where there are vitamins:

  • A-helps to restore the skeleton and cells, so it is optimal to take them for fractures or tissue damage;
  • B-the combined technology b1, b2, b3, b5, b9 and b12 is necessary, this will help the body to successfully develop harmoniously;
  • C-promotes intensive absorption of other substances;
  • D-component is popular for lengthening the body length of both children and adults, as it contributes to the saturation of cartilage with calcium.

Why eat in order to grow?

All the same, a well-thought-out diet has a positive effect on the body. Products that increase magnification:

  • Nuts. In which to eat calcium, protein, potassium, a variety of amino acids and vitamins. A handful of walnuts will slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates, and give your body energy. Whether it is possible to have a product in the plan component in salads or porridges. In the evening, you can try a bowl of milk with crushed kernels.
  • Chicken eggs-protein without reservations. These will support any threshold of time and allow the development of muscles. Boiled eggs are completely absorbed by the body. You must eat 2 eggs every morning and every night.
  • Mince. Lean beef or veal includes protein, zinc, cast iron, and similar substances that contribute to body weight.
  • Oatmeal barley. You can use it to get carbohydrates and fiber. Porridge promotes muscle and bone tissue. They offer cast iron, manganese, zinc, chrome plating, iodine, potassium, vitamins a, k, e, b. Can i have dried fruits, nuts, honey or apples in the prepared porridge?

How do i increase gain separately?

As technology shows, modern man is in the growth phase of about two dozen years. Note that the speed of limb length and its time limits are ideally individual. Unless you have never grown up before the allotted time, you do not need to give up. By adhering to a diet system and performing simple exercises, you can fulfill your own dream — to increase your body length.

Child or child

It is much more convenient to raise the speed of growth for a teenager than for an adult, counting from the age of 21, because first of all boys grow vigorously, and we also have a stage of active growth much earlier — 14-sixteen years.

  • Eating. Children need to focus on animal food. Do not go extra and cereals that bring the body protein. Harvest-unique for boys and girls, and in the process of their absence, it is recommended to adopt herbal compositions and minerals.
  • Playing sport. Universities have a large number of circles and sections that work on a selfless basis. Whenever you want, you can sign up for an artificial swimming pool or a sports club.

Remember! In order to grow up, you need to worry not only about the increase in bones, but also about the dynamics of muscles. Keep your vitality will help banal jogging in the morning.

  • During adolescence, young children usually have nervous breakdowns, stress and experiences. This is due to fatigue from classes, changes in the hormonal balance, and the first love. At the age of sixteen, as a boy, so a girl, should rest-about six hours a day, because during this period there is a distribution of cells and after it there is a rapid updating of the body.
  • If young people are actively smoking or drinking alcohol, it is likely that the tool will not reach the genetic mark of the size of the body, or your efforts will be in vain.

How to grow a guy or a man

In order for the current guy to increaseincrease by 10 cm in the current century, a wide range of medical offers is sold. Modern orthopedics offers operations, medical treatment with hormones, and chemical effects on the body. These methods not only require money, but also cause negative symptoms.

Very complex operations can be prevented. In order to quickly increase the increase a man at home, you need to do the following exercises on the crossbar or horizontal bar:

  • It is necessary to hang on the crossbar, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Hang in this position for a couple of seconds. Then rest for half a minute, and then come back to the original position. Make quick swings with your feet in the hanging position: to the sides-together, in front-recently.
  • In order to increase the rise of the macho man, you need to hang on the horizontal bar, bending your legs at the knees backwards, fix yourself, and then straighten them, arching your lower back. Conduct turns with the body to the sides, holding the legs together. Create 10 repetitions and 3 sets at intervals of half a minute.
  • In vise to refuse both legs all that, in 1, all that, in the opposite direction. In form, this activity resembles a floor clock or a pendulum. After that, characterize the circles with your feet in 1 and 2 directions, and raise your knees up to the press area. Repeat manipulations 10 times.

Ways of development for women

Most of them are occupied with the task, is it possible to strengthen the strengthening of the girl’s body, if the character is not endowed with long legs? We will answer that systematic exercise will help thumbelina grow up a little. You will have to be patient and spend 2 hours a day on special exercises.

  • Hang on the bar, tying the product to your feet. For the 1st time, 15 seconds will be enough. Increase the hanging moment at any time.
  • Set any mission higher, and try to jump up to it. You still need to jump to which you can not reach it. As soon as the task is completed, move the bar higher, and continue to stretch.

Important! This workout is ideal for everyone, one does not have any difficulties with the skeleton or posture.

  • When a person who wants to grow up has problems with posture, it is necessary to treat the wall and turn into a backboard, «sticking» to the upper layers of the heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and head. Turned to this position for a third of an hour, with any time increasing the period by 15 percent percent percent percent seconds.
  • Stay on all fours with your hands and knees shoulder-width apart and your head down. Lift your hips and lower back off the floor, bending like a cat, in this case, hold for 10 seconds. Sit on your feet and heels, bending forward. Repeat the manipulation several times.
  • Different results are given by stretching exercises. For example, sit on a sports mat, make further bends, trying to reach your feet, and return to the base position. Repeat the movements for 15 seconds. Because of this simple exercise, you will not only increase the length of your muscles – but also gain light weight and agility.

The proposed ways to increase the body size will help the consumer grow up toa number of centimeters and lose complexes without leaving the apartment, as well as without taking drastic measures.

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